A t The Tree we believe that eternal life and the only true freedom are found in Christ. We believe that a relationship with Him changes you forever. You may not be perfect—we’re all sinners, after all—but you don’t live life the way you used to.

Jesus told us to be in the world, yet not of it. We’re supposed to stand out and make a difference. We are to be His light in a dark and dying world.

We believe that you have REAL value.

We believe in being REAL with each other (no masks).

We believe a REAL relationship with Christ changes a person.


T he Tree is looking to impact our community with the message that a personal relationship with God is a relevant—and vital—aspect of a fulfilled life.  We discuss life issues, to show that God is in the day to day details.


We want people to see that a personal relationship with Jesus is RELEVANT to their life.

We want to address RELEVANT issues in peoples lives.


W e want to stop the mass exodus of our generation leaving the church. We want to achieve change from within. Christians can’t be complacent living in a Christian bubble and never engaging the world they live in. We want to live the way Jesus did, through relationship and love.

We believe in dialogue—about Truth, about faith, about freedom in Christ.